Caltanissetta, at the classical and dance high school “R.Settimo” the webinar on dance and ballet with Toni Candeloro

The Liceo “R. Settimo “, dance address, led by the Regent Manager Loredana Schillaci, has promoted a series of webinars for its students entitled” Dance Ballet and our time “to investigate the job of the choreographer and the dancer, to arrive at the staging of a show, passing from theory to practice, orienting the students of the three-year course towards future and conscious choices. The heart of the project is the meeting, albeit virtual, with Toni Candeloro, in order to consolidate the skills acquired in the training path through professional contexts, deepening the study of the history of dance, precisely from Romanticism to Classical Ballet, up to modernity and Ballets. Russes.

Toni Candeloro represents a unique personality in the world of dance for the three-dimensionality of knowledge and artistic experience. Guest of the greatest theaters and companies in the world, partner of famous dancers all over the world, from Carla Fracci up to Alessandra Ferri and Rudol’f Nureev who invites him to his side for a male duo step in “Il canto del comadrante ”, With choreography by Maurice Bejart. He is considered a researcher and scholar of the art of dance, as he has collaborated and promoted various conferences and projects at the Universities of St. Petersburg, Rome and Paris. Among other things, he is the promoter of the conference on the choreographer Mauris Petipa.

Guest, the only Italian master, in lectures and repertoire lessons at the prestigious Vaganova Academy in St. Petersburg.

How important will it be for our students to interact with a personality capable of guiding them from history to practice and above all to indicate an effective path to professionally experience dance today.

The coordinator of the project, which will take place for four afternoons in March, is Professor Fia Distefano.