Caltanissetta, 5 arrested for murder after a dispute in the historic center

One arrest for murder and four for brawl following the death of Marcello Tortorici, stabbed to death with a blow to the throat, in Caltanissetta, at the height of a brawl, last November 25th. A few hours after the event, the military arrested 22-year-old Kevin Fiore for murder; and for aggravated brawl: Massimo Tortorici, 45 years old; – Roberto Millaci, 50 years old; Michele Fiore, 30 years old; Salvatore Fiore, 53 years old. The investigating judge validated the arrests.

Marcello Tortorici, the victim


Fight with stab wounds in Caltanissetta, one dead and three injured

The reason for the dispute between the two families, also confirmed by some testimonies, can be traced back to a sentimental matter in which Kevin Fiore, his fiancée and the underage son of Roberto Millaci were involved. In this context, on the evening of the incident, the two families met and the result was a violent brawl and the murder of Marcello Tortorici.
Three of the arrested were taken to the Caltanissetta prison, while Massimo Tortorici and Roberto Millaci remained under observation for the injuries sustained at the Sant’Elia hospital in Caltanissetta while under arrest. Yesterday, during the validation hearing, the investigating judge validated the arrests and ordered the precautionary measure in prison for everyone. With the three Fiores, therefore, Massimo Tortorici, who was discharged in the morning after the guarantee interrogation, was also taken to the Caltanissetta prison. Only Roberto Millaci, still under observation at the Sant’Elia hospital, will remain hospitalized under arrest until his discharge.

On the evening of the crime, around 8 pm, a man had presented himself at the “Guccione” barracks, headquarters of the provincial Carabinieri Command of Caltanissetta, reporting that a dispute had taken place in nearby via San Domenico involving some people armed with knives. Almost at the same time Massimo Tortorici entered the barracks who, holding his hands to his bloodstained chest, reported that he had been stabbed by a certain Kevin Fiore. The soldiers of the Company went to via San Domenico, finding Roberto Millaci lying in the street, wounded in his right leg, and Marcello Tortorici, already unconscious and with a deep wound in his throat. After finding the lifeless victim, the carabinieri had gone to the Fiore family home where they had found Salvatore Fiore and his sons Kevin and Michele with superficial stab wounds, reporting that they had been attacked by the Tortorici brothers. In the meantime, the news of Marcello Tortorici’s death from a “blade wound located behind the left sternocleidomastoid” has arrived.
Thanks to the images of the video surveillance systems present in the area, it was possible to reconstruct the violent brawl between the Fiore and the Tortorici families which culminated with the wounding of several present and with the murder of Marcello Tortorici. The latter, according to what emerged from the images of the video surveillance systems, would have been hit with a blow to the throat by Kevin Fiore. The incident took place in the urban streets of the capital at the sight of several passersby, who tried in vain to provide assistance to the victim.
In the immediacy of the fact, the first investigations allowed the soldiers of the Company, assisted by colleagues from the Investigative Unit, to ascertain that almost all those involved were wearing the same clothes used during the brawl, except for the Fiore brothers, whose clothes were found at their home with traces of blood and placed under seizure.

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