Caltanissetta, 150 weapons sent for scrapping Police proceed with checks on holders

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Caltanissetta, another 150 weapons sent for scrapping: 60 pistols and 90 rifles withdrawn or paid to the State Police.

For months, the Administrative Police Division has been engaged in carrying out checks on the holders of common firearms residing in the province in order to verify compliance with the relevant regulations.

In recent months, the administrative police of the Caltanissetta Police Headquarters has cautiously withdrawn about 30 firearms from persons reported in the course of the judicial police activity for family disputes and ill-treatment (so-called “red code”).

Between those withdrawn and those paid spontaneously by subjects who held them, 150 weapons, 60 pistols and 120 rifles were sent for scrapping.

From 14 September 2019, in fact, those who own weapons must present a medical certificate of psychophysical fitness for detention every five years; in practice, the same certificate required for the issue of the authorization to purchase, provided for by art.
35 of the Consolidated Law on Public Safety.

The certification must certify that the applicant is not suffering from mental illnesses or pathologies that diminish, even temporarily, the ability to understand and want or do not take, even occasionally, narcotic and psychotropic substances or abuse alcohol.

The medical certificate is issued by the medical examiner of the ASP or by a military doctor, the State Police or the National Fire Brigade.
The applicant, undergoing the tests, is required to present an anamnestic certificate, issued by the family doctor, dated no earlier than three months.

Holders who are also holders of a valid firearms license (hunting, sporting, self-defense port) are exempt from the obligation to present.
In the event of a license that is no longer renewed, the five years run from the expiry of the last renewal.

Persons who do not deliver the certificate to the Police offices (Police Headquarters for residents in Caltanissetta, Commissariats of PS di Gela and Niscemi for residents in those Centers) or to the Carabinieri Station who had received the reports of detention, will receive a warning to the presentation of the certificate itself.
If in the following 60 days the certification is not presented, the weapons will be cautiously withdrawn by the Police Forces and will be reported to the Prefect for the subsequent issue of the prohibition on possession of weapons.

In the event that the keeper no longer wants the weapon to be available and does not find a person with a suitable police title to whom it can be transferred, even free of charge, he can request the same Police offices (Weapons Office of the Caltanissetta Police Headquarters 093479595/093479596 ) or to the Carabinieri for collection for subsequent scrapping.

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