Caltagirone man beats partner for beer money: grandmother calls 112

The phone call from the grandmother who called 112, alerted by the screams coming from her granddaughter’s house, triggered the intervention of the Carabinieri of Caltagirone who rescued a 29-year-old woman attacked by her partner. The man, 24 years old, after drinking two bottles of beer, ending his “supply”, would have beaten the woman, who was holding their young son, threatening her with death and preventing her from leaving the house. The triggering factor for that aggression would have been her refusal to give him money to buy more beer. The man, since July 2023, had been the recipient of a “warning from the Police Chief” for the various episodes of violence suffered by the woman. The military, after ascertaining the young woman’s health conditions and the conditions of the house, also alerted the emergency services. Medical personnel accompanied her to the emergency room of the hospital in Caltagirone, while the 24-year-old man was arrested for domestic abuse. The measure was validated by the judge who issued a precautionary measure against the 27-year-old man of staying away from the family home, with a ban on communicating with the victim.

Caltagirone, picchia la compagna per i soldi della birra: la nonna chiama il 112

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