Caltagirone apologizes in a letter for hitting bar customers with his car

Four out of the six customers of an outdoor bar in the historic center of Caltagirone have been discharged from the hospital. They were hit by a car on the evening of August 18 while sitting at tables consuming their orders. Two of them, who suffered more serious injuries and trauma, are still hospitalized but their conditions are not a cause for concern. The 76-year-old man who was driving the car, originally from Caltagirone but now living in Northern Italy, is facing charges of unintentional harm. He has written a letter to the mayor expressing his deep regret for the incident and apologizing to those involved. The deputy mayor of Caltagirone is pleased with the discharge of four of the injured and hopes for a speedy recovery for the remaining two.

Caltagirone, travolse con l’auto i clienti seduti al bar: in una lettera chiede scusa

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