Calogero Raccuglia, 66, forest worker injured at Monte Cuccio, dies

An elderly forest worker, Calogero Raccuglia, has passed away after falling into a ravine at a forest site in Monte Cuccio, Palermo, on October 21. Raccuglia was annually employed for 78 days by the territorial development office. This incident is one of five recently reported forest worker injuries in Palermo, including one fatality. This alarming trend has prompted union representatives to call for a thorough investigation and a united effort to ensure the safety of forest workers. They emphasize the need for concrete action and propose the convening of relevant labor bodies to address and analyze the situation. The union also urges collective action to demand the right to health and safety for forest workers in the province.

Palermo: è morto Calogero Raccuglia, l’operaio forestale di 66 anni che si era infortunato a Monte Cuccio

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