Call for “Places of the heart Fai”, in Messina the Crypt of the Cathedral and the remains of the Convent of Santa Maria di Gesù – Tempo Stretto

Participation applications from May 17th to June 15th

The “Places of the Heart” call for all places that have received at least 2,000 votes at the 2020 Census expires on 15 June.

After each census, in fact, the FAI (Italian Environment Fund) and Intesa Sanpaolo make a series of financial contributions available to the most virtuous places: a part is destined for the winners and the remaining amount is assigned through the Call.

Applications from May 17th to June 15th

The requested documents must be sent to Fai, by June, through the dedicated platform starting from 17 May.

It will therefore be possible to submit a request for restoration, recovery, redevelopment interventions, or for enhancement or promotion interventions, or an investigation with the Protection Bodies for placing constraints.

For more information on how to participate, you can consult the section dedicated to the announcement and download the regulation with the Faq on the site of the Places of the Heart. The list of selected places will be published by November 2021.

The announcement is a concrete opportunity to follow up on the enthusiasm that animated Committees, associations, municipalities and parishes during the census.

The Sicilian places

Sicily once again records: the tenth edition of the Census sees, in fact, among the top ten classified at national level, two places on the island: in Modica (RG), in fact, the Via delle Collegiate and the medieval rock church stand out of San Nicolò Inferiore.

In addition, the Church of Santa Maria Gesù Lo Piano in Polizzi Generosa passed the ten thousand votes (19,432 votes), the Crypt of the Cathedral of Messina (18,059), the Royal Chapel of Santa Venera in the Cathedral Basilica of Acireale (13,887 votes), the Scala dei Turchi of Realmonte (11,218 votes).

Then, in the national ranking, exceeding 2000 votes: the English Garden of Palermo (7,480 votes), the Bosco di Santo Pietro in Caltagirone (5,328 votes), the Church of Purgatory in Castelvetrano (4,672 votes), remains of the Convent of Santa Maria di Gesù Superiore in Messina (4,586 votes), Andromeda Theater in Santo Stefano Quisquina (3,741 votes), Church of Santa Maria di Gesù in Catania (3,578 votes), the Well of Gammazita and the ancient waterways in Catania (3,567 votes), Officina delle Tradizioni Popular in Agrigento (3,357 votes), the Monumental Complex of Santa Maria della Grotta in Marsala (3,267 votes), Maddalusa in Agrigento (3,102 votes), the Aragonese Castle in Piazza Armerina (3,082 votes), Santuario Martiri Alfio, Fidelfo and Cirino in Lentini (2,927 votes), Salto del Ventimiglia to Geraci Siculo (2,647 votes), I Santoni, Rocky Sanctuary of the Goddess Cybele in Palazzolo Acreide (2,613 votes), Piazza Magione in Palermo (2,505 votes), Santapau Castle in Licodia Eubea (2,490 votes ), Biblioteca Lucchesiana in Agrigento (2,448 votes), Hermitage of Santa Rosalia in Santo Stefano Quisquina (2,299 votes), Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli in Assoro (2,255 votes), former Convent of Sant’Agostino in Troina (2,142 votes), Costa between Castellammare and Scopello (2,112 votes), Mass imo Bellini in Catania (2,074 votes).

The “Places of the Heart” initiative was a record edition: the votes collected from 6 May to 15 December 2020, the closing day of the initiative, were 2,353,932, the best result ever, with over 39,500 places reported in 6,504 Municipalities of Italy. There are 119 places of art and nature in favor of which Fai has intervened from 2003 to today.

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