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Call center Almaviva, the nightmare of layoffs is back “At risk 500 seats”

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The workers of the Almaviva call center in Palermo are shaking again, with the risk of as many as 500 layoffs.
The alarm of the unions that launch the appeal to politics so that it strikes a shot and makes itself heard to avoid what could be a real employment collapse for an already heavily marked city.

Very high price

“Here we go again, the nightmare of dismissal returns to Almaviva workers.
We ask all local politics to take action so that Palermo does not pay this very high price for the loss of 500 jobs, because it would truly be a social bomb for our territory ”.
This was stated by Leonardo La Piana, general secretary of CISL Palermo-Trapani, and Francesco Assisi, general secretary of Fistel CISL Sicily.
Last night, the RSU of Almaviva received the announcement from Covisian on the failure to reach an agreement with Ita on the signing of the contract for the supply of the contact center service.
The supply will therefore end at the natural expiry of the order, that is, next 30 April (6 months of activity).

The waste paper deal?

“This means that the minutes of the agreement of 21 October last year that guaranteed continuity for the workers involved in the Ita contract, both those in Covisian 217 employees, and the approximately 300 waiting in Almaviva to be relocated and to zero layoffs hours since last November, it is considered no longer valid – add La Piana and Assisi -.
Serious, very serious tile that falls on these workers who for years have lived in continuous tensions and uncertainties “.

Request for a meeting with the ministry

The national trade secretariats, CGIL, CISL and UIL have already sent a request for a meeting to the Ministry of Labor.
“But we reiterate we need strong action on the part of local and regional institutions, we cannot accept that the social clause procedure is triggered for workers who have passed through Covisian, or that all the others are dismissed” conclude La Piana and Assisi.

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