Californian buys three houses in Mussomeli for herself and her children – il Fatto Nisseno

MUSSOMELI. While American Tonia Brown has received a $ 1,000 donation to start her vegan café, and Britain’s Danny McCobbin is setting up his charity kitchen, another young Californian is planning to open a Brazilian coffee shop.

And all this not in Taormina or Cefalù, but in the historic center of Mussomeli, thanks to the Case1 € uro project which continues to attract buyers from all over the world. These days, but this is only the latest case in chronological order, the world press is telling the story of the entrepreneur Rubia Daniels, from California, who two years ago bought three houses in the historic center of Mussomeli, Madrid district, that is the original nucleus of Terravecchia. Three houses, one for himself and two for the children,

Yuri of 24 and Ygor of 22.

Not only that, she also helped her daughter Selena buy a house for herself and is completing the paperwork.

Stories in absolute countertrend that, with a pandemic behind us, could mark an authentic development for the land of Manfredi, making the beauty of these places discover in the world.

Rubia Daniels had clear ideas right from the start, after visiting and staying in the city and buying three houses. He later brought friends and family and several of them also closed deals. It is clear, as the entrepreneur explains that if you buy a house for 1 euro, you will have to spend it to get it back on track, but the game is worth the candle. But if you initially spend a little more, you will find houses in excellent condition.

“Once you get to town, there are so many opportunities that if you only stay a week, time will fly by. People are so welcoming that they make you feel at home “

And she told “My children were all very excited and have different dreams and aspirations for homes in the future, the youngest one is planning to open a Brazilian coffee shop!”

In short, the future will speak the languages ​​of the world in the city of Manfredi.

And Tonia Brown, who with her husband Steve Brauer bought houses next to the shrine of Our Lady of Miracles, says: “I am so excited to announce that today we received a super generous donation of $ 1,000 from a supporter who would like to remain anonymous. What a delightful surprise. I continue to be delighted with all the love and support we have received for our vegan coffee and B&B. I can’t share any details yet but please stay tuned for a great announcement. A good dream could come true much sooner than expected. ” (SOURCE: ROBERTO MISTRETTA SICILY)

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