Calciomercato Palermo, Sagramola looking for goals: Sforzini is more than an idea


The Palermo chasing goals for the promotion, the only Ricciardo cannot put himself on the rump the weight of the whole attack: the duo Castagnini-Sagramola thinks therefore of a reinforcement. The names that are made are those of Cocco, Sforzini and Cacia.

The list of Sagramola and Castagnini weighs so much to complete the offensive department. Both for age and for career goals: the equivalent of around 350 goals in three. Experienced players who have always made their second home in the penalty area. In fact, the first three points of the season will have arrived in Marsala, but it seemed clear that the Pergolizzi rose still needs some tweaking. The names that circulate are those of Ferdinano Sforzini, Andrea Cocco and Daniele Cacia. The first two released, the last one registered with Piacenza, which is why in the event of a possible agreement with Palermo, after September 13, the date in which the amateur league will put a first block in the market, the player must first terminate your contract with the Romagna club.

From Champions with Cluj to a possible D series with Palermo. Ferdinando Sforzini is in pole position in the company's preferences. The 34-year-old striker has gravitated for years both in Serie A and in Serie B, also passing for the maximum Romanian competition wearing the shirt of Cluj. It was Mandorlini who wanted it with him in Romania, opening the doors to the Champions League among others. There are two Sforzini presences in Europe. In recent years, the Roman player has played with a certain continuity in Lega Pro, first in Pavia and then in Viterbo, until arriving in D with Avellino, where last year he scored eleven goals in thirty games.

Daniele Cacia is definitely not far behind. The goals in fact speak for the 36-year-old player currently registered with Piacenza. Cacia is the second best striker in the Serie B with 136 goals to his credit. The last appearance of the Calabrian bomber in B dates back to three years ago, when he managed to sign only three goals with Cesena. A brief spell in Novara last year, before settling down in Piacenza, where this year has already signed the first network of the season. Cacia would really represent a great blow for Palermo, but today it would seem to be the least accredited track for Sagramola: in fact, besides not being released, the player should also decide to go down in category, knowing among other things that he must contend for the place with Ricciardo .

So in the end we could also tack on Andrea Cocco, a 33-year-old striker who approaches the threshold of one hundred goals among professionals. More experiences in B than in A, where Cocco only managed to play with Cagliari. The last team to trust the Sardinian bomber was Padua last year, registering him in B for only three months.

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