Calcio, mayor of Trapani writes a note to the FIGC president

Regarding the registration of the City of Trapani to the Figc / Lnd Serie D championship year 2021/2022, the mayor Giacomo Tranchida sent a note to the president of the Football Federation Gabriele Gravina specifying the path undertaken by the Municipality of Trapani in the last months until the conclusion of the past weeks.

Specifically, the mayor reiterated that the first notice of April 20 was deserted, that following the second notice of May 5, two expressions of interest were received from two different subjects of which only one (Inter Trade Italia srl) produced the subsequent documentation requested but that following the minutes of 24 June 2021, drawn up by the Commission set up for the purpose for the evaluation of the expressions of interest, it was noted that the same proposing party also communicated in writing that an agreement with an existing local club (SSD Dattilo, ed) and registered in the D series, thus losing interest in the title banned by the Municipality.

Therefore, the conditions do not exist to “accredit” any sports club to the FIGC for participation in the next Serie D championship, even in excess.

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