caffe trinca palermo, new season of women's b2 thinking as a leader

Note- This press release has been published in full as an external contribution. This content is therefore not an article produced by the editorial staff of PalermoToday There is the return of Tommaso Pirrotta on the bench of the Caffè Trinca Palermo, the first team of the Smart Volleyball Project that for the seventh year will face the B2 women’s national championship. The rosanero club chaired by Gaetano Alioto is ready for a season that proclaims ambitious goals thanks to an essentially renewed squad.

TATIANA LOMBARDO RETURNS IN PINK – The whole group has already been at work since 1st September. Team transformed with seven grafts that are added to the reconfirmed Aurora Vescovo (spiker), Chiara Miceli (central) and Alessia Ferro (lifter). There is the return to home Palermo of the striker Tatiana Lombardo (in the photo), who will also be the captain of the rosanero team. The power stations Nicoletta De Luca (from Volleyball Sicilia Catania of B1) and Paola Carnazzo (who played the first part of the last tournament with Ardens Comiso and subsequently moved to Terrasini promoted to B1), Lea Vujevic and Eva Di Bert arrive in the capital. (respectively opposite and setter, from the Piedmontese Libellula Bra of B2), the band Martina Miceli (from Volley Terrasini promoted to B1) and the free Sara Lo Gerfo (from Volley Terrasini). LOMBARDO: “TEAM DESIGNED TO DO VERY WELL IN THE CHAMPIONSHIP” – Tatiana Lombardo is radiant, the athlete who over the years has written important pages in the history of the rosanero club. After a year off for maternity, the athlete from Etna is ready to tread the parquet again at 38 years old. “I thought I would not return to play, but when the passion is strong and your president and your coach offer you a new captivating challenge, I could not help but respond positively”, explains the rosanero spiker. Which also provides a sizzling tournament. “The club has set up a competitive team, in my opinion the team will do very well in the league”, continues Lombardo. PIRROTTA: “AIMED AT A COMPETITIVE TEAM” – “The last two seasons have been marked by the pandemic – begins Tommaso Pirrotta, Rosanero head coach – and this has forced us to set up teams that are a bit rough on some departments, albeit with the only goal to remain in the category. This year we have focused and composed a competitive staff “. A team revolutionized by 70% compared to the last championship, young but not unprepared.” We do not know the opposing formations, except for the circulating names, and their objectives. I can say that our aim will be to aim for a high ranking tournament. I think it is a complete group in every department. The team is very young, and as such it presents many questions but it allows you to work well and with important perspectives “, Concludes the Palermo coach. TECHNICAL STAFF – Pirrotta will be assisted by assistant coaches Riccardo Garofalo and Fabrizio Pipitone, in the dual role of athletic trainer and team manager respectively. The general manager is Mario Argano while Luigi Allegra is the sporting director. FIELD OF PLAY AND CALENDAR – The PalaWinning in via Sandro Pertini will continue to be the headquarters of the company. The first match will be away to Acicatena against Zafferana Volleyball (Sunday 17 October); the home debut in the second league match against Planet Strano Light Pedara (Saturday 23 October).