By car with 30 kg of hashish. 58-year-old arrested


There State Police has arrested, for the crime of illicit possession of drugs, Furitano Antonino, a 58-year-old from Palermo of the Kalsa. The man was found in possession of about 30 kg of hashish while traveling with his own car the Highway A / 19 in the direction of the capital.

The arrest was carried out, in flagrante delicto, dai policemen of the Flying Squad with the help of the officers of the Traffic Police Subsection of Buonfornello.

The vehicle in which the man was traveling was noticed by the squad officers, engaged in specific control services in civilian clothes and with unmarked cars, while passing near the toll booth of Buonfornello keeping a suspicious gait and a speed not commensurate to the circumstances of time and place. With the help of Polstrada colleagues, therefore, the agents of the "Antidroga" section of the Flying Squad have …

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