Buy a van online but there is no trace of the vehicle: a Ukrainian woman from Agrigento was scammed

She spent over 15,000 euros to buy a van online, which sadly for her never arrived, despite the weeks of waiting. The unfortunate protagonist of the scam is a 23-year-old Ukrainian, domiciled in Agrigento. The girl trusted and made the transfer, everything and immediately, given the apparent convenience.

That van should have arrived in the city within three, maximum five days, but it never arrived in Agrigento. After trying to contact the seller, who obviously disappeared into thin air, in the most classic of scam schemes, the young woman made a complaint to the Agrigento police station, which immediately set in motion to try to trace the scammer. The file was also passed on to the postal police, which began investigating social media profiles, telephone numbers and bank accounts.

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