Butterfly causes fear in San Giovanni La Punta: found inside the municipal park and outside

A lepidopteran creates fear in the municipal park of San Giovanni La Punta, in the province of Catania. “There is a processionary emergency, a serious problem that represents a danger for the children who frequent the municipal park and especially for the animals that are particularly exposed to the lepidopteran,” says the Italian Animalist Party in a note, adding that the processionary, among other things, is also present outside the municipal park, in the pine trees of the municipal parking lot, where the weekly market is held on Saturday mornings.

The presence of the processionary is defined as “a serious problem also for the park’s trees, which can suffer irreversible damage.” The pine trees in the park, under which children play, observe the animal activists, “are practically infested with inevitable danger for the little ones. In some areas of the park, the processionary has even reached the ground becoming extremely dangerous.”

The party’s note explains that the problem had already been reported in the past. “Despite our repeated reports,” says Ilaria Paolillo, coordinator of the Animalist Party in San Giovanni La Punta, “a few months later we find ourselves dealing with the same problem. There was plenty of time to intervene and prevent infestation.”

In the press release, it is explained that contact with the processionary caterpillar is particularly dangerous for both people and animals. In the worst cases, it can cause tissue necrosis. “We ask the mayor,” says Patrick Battipaglia, regional coordinator of the Italian Animalist Party, “to urgently close the municipal park to carry out the disinfection. Only after the disinfection, the municipal park can be reopened to the public.”

Just two days ago (Wednesday, March 13), another municipality in the province, Mascalucia, started a disinfection operation due to the presence of processionary caterpillars in a part of the territory. Having identified nests and consequently lepidopterans, Mayor Vincenzo Magra and Councilors Vito Puglisi and Angelo Caponnetto have ordered the necessary activities to neutralize the presence of the larvae. The disinfection operations started from the areas surrounding the schools, in order to safeguard the safety of minors.

Un lepidottero crea paura a San Giovanni La Punta: si trova dentro il parco comunale e anche all’esterno

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