but the tram problem remains

Editorial staff 27 September 2021 12:43

Share Schools reopened and student transport. This was the topic discussed in the morning by the Viability Commission of Palazzo Zanca. In the Chamber, convened by the president Libero Gioveni, the councilor for relations with ATM Francesco Gallo and the president of the transport company Giuseppe Campagna. We discussed the upgrading of the service and the problems related to the tramway, given the current redevelopment that has put several cars out of use. Atm has confirmed the maintenance of the buses via the motorway that will cover the Santa Margherita-Papardo stretch, especially to favor university students. Eight other vehicles will soon arrive on the road while the recruitment of drivers from the latest long list is imminent, for which the requirements of the acquired documentation will be verified by 4 October. But in this regard there is the possibility, in the long run, of being able to scroll the long list even going beyond the expected 60. By December, however, three trams should be back in service, which are currently undergoing a workshop overhaul. The difficulties that may arise in controlling the means of the green pass remain concrete, both in terms of organization of the service, which will probably also include shifts with broken schedules, and on future collections on mileage by the Region. Finally, the president Gioveni requested and obtained the availability of the guests for the session of Monday 11 October in order to discuss the proposal to establish subscription forms in the Ztl for workers in the city center.

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