but for the people Geraci Siculo wins

An extraordinary result, however, if it is calculated that none of the jurors of the television program voted for the Madonite village, the only Sicilian in competition

A long marathon of appeals, video messages and voting. At the end Geraci Siculo has come one step away from the final victory of the national competition “The Borgo dei Borghi“of Rai 3, winning third place.

In front of the Sicilian village, Baunei (Nuoro), in Sardinia, took second place. While the 2021 prize of the national competition went to the “pearl of the Mediterranean”: Tropea, the Calabrian town in the province of Vibo Valentia.

With its riviera that starts from Pizzo Calabro and ends in Nicotera, Tropea triumphed in a competition in which 260 villages competed, of which 20 reached the final stage.

For Tropea it is almost a revenge – as well as a prestigious success – after the disappointment of his exclusion from the final phase of the competition for the next “Capital of Culture”.

Returning to the Sicilian village, we remember that this is an equally extraordinary result for Geraci Siculo, now a candidate to become the sixth place where you live best in the world.

Just think that none of the jurors of the television show voted for the Madonite village. On the other hand, the Madonite village was rewarded by popular vote. An extraordinary success that pays credit to the beauties of this Madonite village.

“We are happy and honored by the enormous demonstration of affection that Geraci Siculo has come from all over Italy but also from abroad – says the mayor of the Madonita village, Luigi Iuppa – for us this third place is worth a victory that we share with all the Madonie and with the whole of Sicily. A sincere thanks to all those who, from all over Italy and the world, have shown great attachment to our beautiful village.

The great testimony of affection that has come to us in recent months has made us understand, as our fellow citizen Teresa Mannino correctly pointed out, that Geraci Siculo is the most loved village in Italy ».

«The exceptional result of Geraci Siculo, who reached the top of the popular vote, – he added Manlio Messina, councilor for tourism of the Sicilian Region – is the umpteenth confirmation of how the Sicilian villages have the maximum approval by Italians. An excellent omen for the resumption of tourism in Sicily held back by the pandemic ».

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