Businessman dead in Itala, an investigation opened: funeral on Monday

Editorial Staff 05 September 2021 14:40

A fall of 30 meters in a cliff of Monte Scuderi, overturning several times until the crash. More details emerge related to the death of Santino Ciulla, the 56-year-old entrepreneur originally from Nizza di Sicilia who died on 2 September while he was carrying out work on a bobcat to refurbish a rural road in Itala Superiore. To shed light on the dynamics of the accident is the labor inspectorate which has opened a file on the case. That day, the Messina firefighters and 118 health workers intervened to extract the body, who could only ascertain the death of the man who, however, would not have died instantly but from the injuries caused by the violent fall. The body was transferred to the Polyclinic where an autopsy was performed on Saturday and returned to family members today. The last farewell to the entrepreneur, highly esteemed in the municipality where he lived, will be given on Monday 6 September at 5 pm in the church of San Giuseppe in Nice. For that day, the municipal administration proclaimed city mourning.

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