Buseto medical guard closed

Restore the Continuity Assistance service in the municipal area. (Former Medical Guard). This is what the advisers of the minority group Emilio Lombardo, Antonella Adragna, Giusy Colomba and Alessandro Ferlito are asking with an urgent motion. The four, considering that from 13 July the “provisional transfer of the Continuity of Care facility (former medical guard) to the Valderice health center presumably until 20 July 2021 was ordered, in order to allow the planned energy efficiency works” and “Considering that the works at present seem to be still in an initial phase and therefore it seems unthinkable to restore the service to days;” underline how “the municipality of Buseto Palizzolo is 20 km from the nearest hospital and that for years now the emergency service and specifically the 118 service is active in the municipal area only from 8 to 20 and therefore until the date of July 12, the only health assistance present on site, during the night time slot, was guaranteed by the medical service “.Hence the request “to the Mayor and to this municipal administration to provide for the restoration of the assistance continuity service within the municipal territory and to take action quickly by making suitable premises available to the ASP to be temporarily used for health care activities. In this regard we propose the following municipal buildings: Casa Albergo for the Elderly (currently not granted to third parties), municipal day center, (space not occupied by the vaccinal hub), multipurpose gym, municipal library buseto centro (former elementary school), school state media, wine tourism information center, enlargement of the wine tourism center, battles primary school building, former nursery school via Pianoneve.