Bus driver in Catania beaten and threatened with knife: attacker wanted to get off far from the stop

On the late morning of today, Thursday, November 16th, in Via Cristoforo Colombo, Catania, the driver of a bus was beaten and threatened with a knife because he did not allow a passenger to get off the bus far from the stop where he wanted. This was reported by the Uil union. The union secretaries expressed concern about the increasing incidents of violence against the Amts staff and called for a deeper investigation into the issue at the next Public Order and Safety Committee. They also expressed solidarity with the victim and called for appropriate responses to these incidents. The driver had to seek medical treatment and reported the incident. This has increased the sense of insecurity among the citizens and deserves a suitable response.

Catania, autista del bus picchiato e minacciato con un coltello: l’aggressore pretendeva di scendere lontano dalla fermata

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