Burglars smash windows to steal liquor in Syracuse bar

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They forced open the entrance door of the veranda, then smashed one of the windows. The burglars managed to break into a bar on Viale Teracati, in the center of Siracusa, using a crowbar to shatter the glass and ransack the premises. They did not find any money, but they took various bottles of alcohol and fled shortly after. When the bar owner raised the alarm, the police arrived at the scene and confirmed the theft, launching an investigation. The damages to the bar are significant, while the stolen goods are still being quantified. The footage from the area’s security cameras is being reviewed to potentially identify the culprits. In recent months, a series of burglaries carried out in the same way has concerned the merchants of Ortigia, where the burglars targeted a pub and a dairy shop on Via De Benedictis.

Two other smash-and-grab burglaries were carried out in a motorcycle shop on Viale Luigi Cadorna and a bar on Via Politi Laudien, both nearby. The windows were likely smashed with a club or a heavy object. In these two cases, the cash registers containing not much cash were stolen.

Spaccavetrine in azione a Siracusa: furto di alcolici in un bar del centro

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