Brunori takes aim at the Cittadella: a challenge with a taste of redemption

In his vocabulary, the word crisis is not contemplated, because even in face of (physiological) periods of dimming, the clarity of making the right move at the right moment always comes, like the one against Brescia that allowed Valente to cross for the winning head of Coulibaly: however, this does not mean that Brunori does not aspire to find that finishing continuity that has accompanied him since he joined Palermo in the summer of 2021. The last encounter with Cittadella on March 11 brings bittersweet memories: sweet because a goal arrived, bitter because it resulted in a thigh injury keeping him out for three weeks. His coach’s request to serve the team more somehow diminished his goal contribution. Despite this, he remains the main source of offensive danger. The goal on action at Barbera is missing since May 19. After the March goal, he scored three more to end the 2022/23 season. Cittadella may represent a turning point in Brunori’s season. He is preparing to celebrate his 100 appearances with Palermo and with two more goals he would take third place in the club’s top scorers list.

Il Cittadella nel mirino di Brunori: una sfida dal sapore di riscatto

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