Brunori shines against top teams with a hat-trick against Venezia and four other goals

When the going gets tough, the tough get going and in this case… they score. There is a great connection between Brunori and matches against the big teams in the league, the ones that make the difference and show a lot about a team’s strength and determination in facing certain types of games that can be crucial in the playoffs. Leading Palermo in these matches is always the captain, Brunori. The number 9 has always shown up in the big matches played by Palermo, contributing to the team’s goals.

On Friday, Venezia will come to the Barbera stadium, coming off a win against Bari and being the third force in the league, as well as a real rival of Cremonese for the second spot in the standings. But most importantly, they are 5 points ahead of Palermo, giving the team a chance to close the gap. The match on Friday night is shaping up to be a classic encounter, where the players with the most creativity and quality need to make an impact to lead their team to victory. And this season, Brunori has practically always made his mark. Playing against the top four teams in the league, the captain has always made a difference, scoring goals that have brought points to the rosanero team.

It was in the first leg match against Venezia where Brunori scored his first goal of the season. After a slow start, he unleashed his anger against the opposing team, scoring a hat-trick that helped Palermo win 3-1. This hat-trick was not random, as shown in the following match against Parma, where Brunori scored a spectacular goal from 40 meters away to give Palermo the lead. In another match, he scored a brace against the league leaders, showing his importance to the team.

In the return matches against Como and Cremonese, Brunori continued his goal-scoring streak, contributing to the team’s points haul. As Palermo prepares to face Venezia, this match becomes the most important of the season for the rosanero, and winning will depend on the performance of captain Brunori.

La tripletta al Venezia e altre 4 reti, Brunori si esalta contro le grandi

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