Brunori seeks first home goal of the season against Spezia

The content discusses the recent performance of Brunori, the captain of Palermo football club. He recently scored his last goal at Renzo Barbera stadium and has been searching for his first goal of the season in front of the home crowd. Brunori’s playing style has changed tactically and technically this season, and he has been playing more as an “operational” player rather than a traditional striker. Despite only scoring in one game so far this season, Brunori’s contribution to the team has been praised, and he has proven his willingness to work for the team. The article also mentions Brunori’s goal-scoring record and his pursuit of climbing the all-time top scorers list for Palermo. He recently surpassed Luca Toni with 52 goals and now aims to reach at least 54 goals to equal Ghito Vernazza and potentially surpass Pietro Radice’s record of 62 goals.

Brunori contro lo Spezia cerca il primo gol in casa in questa stagione

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