Brothers of Italy proposes Carolina Varchi

The hypothesis of a candidacy for mayor of Roberto Lagalla risks splitting the center-right, with the Brothers of Italy ready to slip away if “in Palermo and Sicily you want to replicate the Draghi model”. More: in contrast to Lagalla, Giorgia Meloni’s party proposes the candidacy of Carolina Varchi.

The national deputy of Fdi is launched in the electoral contest by Stefano Santoro, who publishes a long post against Lagalla on Facebook, which he defines as “in continuity with Orlando”. The regional councilor for education and professional training, who spent a few days at the UDC, collected the endorsement of the president of the Ars, as well as the commissioner of Forza Italia in Sicily, Gianfranco Miccichè. Brothers of Italy, however, does not fit in and, on the strength of the polls that at national level indicate it as the first party, it lets the allies know that “it is enough to speak officially and everyone goes their own way”. Thus in a note the leaders of the party, who affirm: “Brothers of Italy has always been ready for dialogue without any foreclosure to find an overall agreement, only and exclusively with all parties and movements within the center-right. Anyone who had other ideas or different proposals, he must communicate them in meetings at the official tables and not in the press. It is unpleasant to read statements from councilors, deputies, city secretaries and the ARS president who turn their attention to the sirens of Italia Viva or think of to experience national government-type experiences in Palermo and Sicily “. Stefano Santoro – historical exponent of the local right, who left the League last year after the moderate turning point to move to Fdi – adds to the dose: “There is a bad air in what should be the center-right area! mayor of Palermo on the part of those who have always shown hostility towards the Brothers of Italy and the right, on the part of those who constitute a continuity with Orlandism and with Jesuit thought. This self-nomination is endorsed by a single exponent of another party of the coalition, now estimated at 4%, but which speaks as if it were 1994 … Then we witness the coming to Palermo of another exponent of the so-called moderate center who self-incenses the self-candidate who has just joined his 1% party and finally, the entry of Renzi and Italia Viva with 1.5% is hoped for. All this is proclaimed without having the political foresight to hear the Brothers of Italy, the first party in the polls “. “It seems appropriate to point out – continues Santoro – that the ‘authoritative’ exponents of this alleged moderate center (but what is meat or fish?), Which in the national government sits with their men next to the communists and grillini, have given order to their city ​​councilors not to discourage Orlando, thus allowing him to aggravate the financial distress of the Municipality, then voting on the pre-instability resolution that allows Orlando to prepare a cut to the services of the city for 80 million euros for the next ten years, which will burden on the next municipal administration “. Hence Carolina Varchi’s proposal: “That being the case, I propose to my colleagues at the Brothers of Italy to shake off this ballast and go to the municipal elections alone, nominating the best expression of our party for mayor: the lawyer Carolina Varchi, good professional, woman and valiant militant with a list of patriots for the City Council. Enough with the messes and attempts to replicate the jumble that supports the national government “. In the same vein, another former League member, that is the MEP Francesca Donato, who could find a place in the Brothers of Italy: “The former rector – explains in a note the MEP currently of the Identità e Democrazia group – is an authoritative personality with which I hope we can discuss the future of Palermo, however I believe that the center-right or part of it should shy away from the temptation to replicate the Orlando model. The center-right parties have quality men and women capable of constructing a political proposal and absolutely alternative administrative administration to the Orlandian one, without mimicking it or, worse, winking at parts of it. From the leaders of the center-right I expect a serious political proposal focused on renewal and competence. In Palermo we need to change radically “.

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