Brothers injured in Cinisi after a fight between girls in Terrasini: one defendant’s sentence reduced, the other acquitted

The judges of the Palermo Court of Appeal, led by Antonio Napoli, have reduced the sentence for 21-year-old Vincenzo Carlo Darrica and acquitted 24-year-old Calogero Grispo, who were accused of attempted murder of two brothers from Cinisi. Grispo, who had originally been sentenced to 8 years and 4 months, was acquitted. Darrica was sentenced to 7 years, two less than the original sentence. The judges accepted the arguments of lawyers Calogero Vella and Debora Special. The incident dates back to the night of October 9-10, 2021, when Darrica allegedly opened fire in the area of the Q8 gas station on Corso Umberto in Cinisi after a fight between girls. Two brothers were injured in the shooting, but they did not appear as civil parties. According to the Carabinieri, after a fight between girls in the square in Terrasini, Darrica defended his girlfriend, who had been slapped, while the two victims sided with other girls, including the defendant’s ex, with whom they are related. Darrica allegedly went after the two brothers, but not with Grispo’s help, as determined by the appellate judges, leading to Grispo’s acquittal.

I due fratelli feriti a Cinisi dopo una lite fra ragazze a Terrasini: pena ridotta a un imputato, l’altro assolto

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