Bronte, 5 minority councilors against the mayor: “He insulted us”

The session of the municipal council of Bronte, last December 29, was suspended for over a quarter of an hour after the mayor Pino Firrarello verbally attacked 5 opposition councilors, Graziano Calanna, Samanta Longhitano, Mauro Petralia, Gaetano Messina and Giuseppe Ruffino, who decided to inform the prefect of Catania of the incident, denouncing “the lack of respect for the opposition and the lack of political and institutional responsibility on the part of the mayor”.

The costs of Ionia Ambiente were being discussed and the opposition would have voted in favour. «We asked some questions for clarification but – reads the note sent to the prefect – the mayor addressed us in a bad way, several times: “go to …; you don’t deserve respect, you suck; you are the shame of the country, go ca…!”».

“The indecorous show – the city councilors insist – went on for over 15 minutes and even the television shooting was suspended at a certain point”. The regional secretary of the Sicily Democratic Party, Anthony Barbagallo, also intervenes on the case, stigmatizing “the arrogant and anti-democratic attitude – he concludes – typical of a certain way of doing politics on the part of the center right, which cannot go unnoticed”.

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