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Broken windows, cut wheels and scarred doors: 50 damaged cars in Palermo

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Broken windows, slashed wheels, nail-scarred doors: 50 cars were vandalized in the Montepellegrino district in Palermo.
A real raid in the middle of the night and no one seems to have heard noises or seen suspicious people.

The cars were damaged last night, mainly in via dei Cantieri, via Capuana and via Carlo Giachery.

Both the carabinieri and the agents of the state police are investigating the episode.
The images of the video surveillance systems in the area have already been acquired, which could make a contribution to identifying the authors.

And similar damage, last March 26, had been registered in via Pecori Giraldi: the windows of about ten cars had been broken, all parked on the left lane.
The incident took place on Saturday evening, around 8 pm.
The councilor of the second district Pasquale Tusa, who had posted a video on social networks, had noticed what had happened.
The police are investigating this episode too.

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