broken window to steal books

Editorial staff 27 September 2021 10:27

Share Yesterday evening, staff of the Volanti intervened at the intersection between via Dottor Consoli and via Lago di Nicito, in aid of a colleague who, last night a police officer off duty blocked a man who was trying to steal from a parked car. The perpetrator of the theft, a convict, in the company of an accomplice who managed to escape, had broken the glass of the rear door of the car, removing from the inside a bag containing books and an electronic device for paying for parking. The stolen goods were taken away from the unknown accomplice. The agents, after having contacted the victim of the theft, who formalized the report, communicated what happened to the prosecutor on duty who arranged to detain the arrested person at the security rooms of the Police Headquarters, pending the judgment by direct procedure set for the morning of September 28.

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