Bridge on the Strait, Salvini: “Many individuals contact me who would like to invest”

For the bridge over the Strait of Messina «many individuals are contacting me who believe in Italy and would like to invest in Italy. I am also thinking of a new housing plan». This was stated by the Minister of Infrastructure, Matteo Salvini, at the end of a visit to the Metro C construction site in Rome.

«On the bridge we brought the company back to life and refinanced it – continued Salvini -. Then it’s up to the engineers to do their job. The goal is to start work within two years. Not having the bridge costs Sicily alone 6 billion euros a year, in addition to environmental and climate damage. According to a study by engineers for the Sicilian Rotary, the bridge would save 140,000 tons of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere».

«It is an extraordinary work – concluded Salvini – to which I will devote all the necessary attention. And I’m sure the funds will be found».

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