Bribes, gifts and escorts for Sicilian landfill permits: all acquitted, charges prescribed for last two accused

The Court of Cassation yesterday annulled the convictions of architect Gianfranco Cannova, official of the regional territorial department, and Domenico Proto, president of the Oikos company, without referral. Cannova was initially sentenced to nine years and seven years on appeal, and Proto to six years in both instances. The court confirmed the prescription for the Sodano brothers and Giuseppe Antonioli. The Supreme Court judges accepted the defense’s argument that the offenses were time-barred. This closes the corruption case linked to authorizations for various landfills in the regional energy department in Palermo. The defendants were arrested in 2014 for a bribery scheme involving cash, expensive gifts, trips, and the availability of escorts to expedite landfill permits. Although the illegal agreement was recognized, the courts had to apply the statute of limitations due to the passage of time since the events.

Mazzette, regali ed escort per le autorizzazioni delle discariche della Sicilia: tutti assolti, prescritti i reati per ultimi due imputati

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