Brawl erupts in San Vito Lo Capo bar: kicks and punches exchanged.

Violence erupted in a seaside venue in San Vito Lo Capo, Italy, where two groups of young people clashed. Chaos broke out unexpectedly while hundreds were dancing outdoors at the Sea Garden during an organized evening. The involved youths used anything they could find to fight, causing panic. Many fled and left the venue to find safety and raise the alarm. Law enforcement arrived to restore calm and launch an investigation. Surveillance footage will be crucial in identifying those responsible. This is the second incident within a few days, as another furious fight occurred on the night of Ferragosto, with five people subsequently being reported. Two hotel owners accused three tourists of stealing a table from their property, which escalated into a brawl requiring police intervention.

Calci e pugni a San Vito Lo Capo: rissa in un locale

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