Boy recalls gang rape in Palermo, returning to prison

After reading some messages exchanged with a friend and some posts published on TikTok, the judge was convinced to tighten the precautionary measure for the underage minor, R.P., involved in the group violence on July 7th in Palermo, along with six other boys against a nineteen-year-old girl. On the same night of the rape, the minor tells a friend what happened that night. With chilling descriptions, he explains in detail what they did. “She felt sick and passed out multiple times (too much laughter). Too intense.” And again: “I didn’t even know her, there were seven of us with her.” After the placement in a community on August 19th, the next day the minor posted some images on TikTok with the following phrases: “Whoever goes against me goes against death,” “good things are done with friends.” And then: “I’m getting many private messages from girls, but how can I go out with all of you, there are too many”; “Oh, I wanted to thank those who constantly mention my name, you’re only giving me publicity and hype”; “We reach 1000 followers so I can go live and explain what really happened.” Then he adds: “I like to transgress” and the song “Nun se toccano e femmine” is playing in the background. Finally, the last image depicts the actors from the movie “Goodfellas”. “These new investigative elements – as stated in the order of the judge Antonina Pardo – outline the personality of a young person who, far from embarking on a path of awareness of the serious crime committed (using the strength of the group against a young woman rendered defenseless due to alcohol intoxication caused by the same participants in the violence), continues to use a cell phone or other electronic device to boast about his actions and express adherence to criminal behavioral models.”

Palermo, così raccontava lo stupro di gruppo il ragazzo tornato in cella

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