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Fattoria Pianetti is the first Sicilian literary and artistic farmhouse.

A characteristic structure, obtained from restored stables and sheepfolds and immersed in the greenery of the Madonie natural park, among pastures and oak woods.

It includes ten bedrooms, each with its own private bathroom, and a dining room consisting of two distinct spaces.

Unpretentious in luxury, the farmhouse offers essential and very special comforts, thanks to its absolute silence, the peace, the breathtaking starry skies, the pure air, the donkeys, the swimming pool surrounded by mountains with a view of the sea in the distance and romantic sunsets, to the tasty and genuine cuisine, to the poems offered in homage, to the books of all kinds that enrich the rooms and common spaces, to the poetic forest where majestic centuries-old oaks are dedicated to missing authors, with readings and walks in which the knowledge of poetry.

We specify that we do not have a minibar or TV in the room; there is a TV in the veranda (one of the two common areas / dining room).

We do not have air conditioning because it is not needed: here in summer the evening is pleasantly cool, you can refresh yourself from the heat of the day and it is a relief.

We periodically organize literary events, writing and reading workshops, paths of personal growth, mutual listening, transformation through meditation, psychotherapy, art therapy, ecopsychology.

Each season here has its incomparable beauties that can only be appreciated by returning several times and learning to tune in to the natural cycles.

The surrounding hills are dotted with wild pear trees in bloom, very white, in the months of March and April; of very fragrant gorse with a deep yellow, between April and June; in the avenue of pines which is the entrance to the farmhouse (and where a very rare specimen of centuries-old almond pear stands out, considered a living monument by the Madonie Park Authority), at the end of August pine nuts can be harvested; in the woods in autumn you can admire cyclamen, pick mushrooms, chestnuts in front of the rooms, while in summer you can go hunting for wild oregano and other succulent herbs and vegetables.


Bosco Pianetti – Gratteri

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