Borsellino’s Red Agenda at La Barbera’s Home, Searches Carried Out but Nothing Found

The homes of the wife and daughter of former chief of the mobile team of the Palermo Police Headquarters, Arnaldo La Barbera, were searched by the Prosecutor’s Office of Caltanissetta as part of the investigation into the massacre of via D’Amelio in Palermo and the disappearance of Paolo Borsellino’s “red agenda”. The search was carried out based on information from a close friend of the La Barbera family who claimed to have heard that the red agenda was initially in the possession of Arnaldo La Barbera and then his family. The witness, speaking 31 years after the massacre, stated that they had never actually seen the red agenda but decided to come forward due to recent emotional discussions on the topic. The red agenda was not found during the searches, and documents related to Arnaldo La Barbera, who passed away in 2002 after a serious illness, were acquired.

«L’agenda rossa di Borsellino a casa di La Barbera», scattano le perquisizioni ma non è stata trovata

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