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Borgovecchio protagonist in prime time, stories of the neighborhood broadcast on Rai 3

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Borgovecchio, a neighborhood with the characteristics of a suburb, despite being a few meters from the city center.
This will be the scenario that will be covered in prime time on Rai 3in the new season of “What am I doing here“, Program conceived and conducted by Domenico Iannacone.
A series consisting of five episodes in which the presenter will analyze some stories related to the world of the suburbs: from the environment to legality, passing through themes such as immigration and hospitality.
Stories that, in the episode of April 9, will see the city of Palermo.

Borgovecchio protagonist in prime time

Domenico Iannacone will address the history of the popular district of the eighth district together with the rapper Christian Paternitiin art Picciotto.
The protagonists of the episode will be four boys: Carmelo, Roberto, Alessio and Mark.
Young people with a common history, as classmates, become adults and forced to face the choices made during their own lives.

The inconveniences of the suburbs

A “peripheral” neighborhood despite being in the city center, it was said above, forced to pay years of neglect and neglect.
There are many problems that afflict the popular realities of the Sicilian capital: from unemployment to crime, passing through school dropout: A problem, the latter, typically southern, with families forced to choose, already at the end of the eighth grade, whether to send their children in high school or whether to choose an immediate future job for them.

The struggle for rebirth in the popular neighborhoods

A world in which families try to slowly find the world to get out of a dimension that wants them to be on the margins of society, looking for a better future for their children through a life of study and legality.
The episode, entitled “I love you again”, will contain a good part of these social issues.
“What am I doing here”, conducted by Domenico, will be Iannacone on air on Rai3 starting from 9 April at 9.45 pm.