Borgo dei Borghi – Honorable third place for Geraci Siculo

The victory did not arrive but a very honorable third place for Geraci Siculo in the classification of the ‘Villages of Italy’. The municipality of Madonie, the only Sicilian participant, was beaten by Baunei (Nuoro) and Tropea (Calabria).

The announcement of the winner and the relative ranking was announced by the presenter of the well-known Rai Tre program ‘Kilimangiaro’ Camila Raznovic. The beauty and history of Calabria was therefore crowned this year.

The many appeals and invitations that came practically from everywhere were not enough for Geraci. In any case, this third place for sure, once the Covid-19 emergency is over, will allow the municipality to relaunch itself at an economic and above all tourist level.