boom also in Sicily, and not for the holidays

Ragusa – According to the Research Department, in the last year the demand for beach houses to buy has made significant increases everywhere, with a record of + 153% in the Cinque Terre and + 119% in the Pelagie islands. “For many, moving to second homes is now the only guarantee of being able to move from their residence, between lockdowns and restrictions – says Carlo Giordano, managing director of the agency -. If we add the large savings accumulated in recent months by those who have kept their income unchanged ”, due to the forced drop in consumption,“ it is not surprising that such an important increase in the demand for homes in the most beautiful seaside places is surprising. A place in the sun, to be used as a holiday resort and source of income for the years to come, with the end of the pandemic ”. Privileged, in this sense, are the tourist resorts that are easily accessible from major centers, especially Milan, towards the aforementioned Riviera of La Spezia, and Rome, with the archipelago of the Pontine islands (+ 85% of searches).

We had already recently dealt with the state of the market in the Ragusa area on Ragusanews, both for sales and for rents, auctions and houses at 1 euro. But that of beach houses is a separate business that, unlike other types of properties, Covid and smart working have strengthened. Also in Sicily in 2021 there was an increase in interest of over 30%: the average is driven above all by Linosa and Lampedusa where the supply of housing has also grown (+ 241%) and costs per square meter (+25 %). Although they are more inconvenient to reach than the coastal towns on the peninsula, the small area makes them places for few, and the distance from the maddening crowd is another need of the moment. “Many owners – explains Giordano -, in the face of the high costs required by maintenance and taxation for these properties, have preferred to put them up for sale, thus fueling the availability of houses, often of superior quality: this leads prices not to undergo major fluctuations. , both for a higher quality of the homes for sale, and for a sort of resilience on the part of those who sell them who are not yet willing to lower the price “.

The houses by the sea, in short, constitute a separate chapter not affected by the decline in real estate values ​​in Sicily. Also according to the Observatory for the first quarter of 2021, in fact, the prices of properties for sale have in fact lost 0.9%, while rents are up with a change of 1.5 % in positive. Based on the survey of the prices requested in March, to buy a house in the region the average is € 1,154 per square meter, while for rents the average rent is € 6.80 / m2. The downward trend concerns almost all the provincial capital cities, with a few exceptions, including Enna and Syracuse which respectively recorded a percentage increase of 1.6 and 1.3. The worst performance is that recorded in the province of Agrigento, where in the quarter in question the requested prices fell by 5.8%. Bad also the city of Ragusa where they lost 5.2 percentage points. The two most expensive cities, Palermo and Catania, with values ​​that exceed the regional average (respectively 1,308 and 1,261 euro / m2), are more stable and the negative fluctuations in the prices requested by those who sell houses do not reach the percentage point.

Certainly, the general drop in prices, even if it does not concern coastal areas and small islands, could have contributed to the boom in requests and searches on the Net, preliminary to a possible purchase. Looking instead at the rental sector, the situation is more heterogeneous and the percentage changes are important both positively and negatively. In Ragusa, for example, almost 12 percentage points have been lost in the city, while in the province almost 11 percentage points have been gained, bringing the average rental costs to 6.1 eurmq, exceeding those of the city (5.3 eurmq). The situation that occurred in the quarter in Syracuse was also significant, where there was a percentage increase of more than 9 points in the city and 30 points in the province. In negative territory Agrigento which marks the loss of 2 percentage points in the city and almost 5 in the province and Trapani which, although in the city shows a stable market, in the province it loses 4%. In general, the rent for limited periods does not seem more convenient: it is also for this reason that those who can now buy.

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