Books: Margherita Ingoglia talks about ‘disturbing’ women

(ANSA) – PALERMO, DECEMBER 31 – LA MALAGRAZIA – DISTURBING BALLADS (OF) DISTURBING (A&B EDITRICE; 14 EURO) The collection composed of ballads and poems by the Sicilian writer Margherita Ingoglia is in bookshops, which tells the story of women over time and his historical and personal journeys. The woman in relation to her own body, with motherhood, sterility, assisted fertilization, The woman in relation to the masculine-which is within and outside of itself-with which she must share herself and social relations. They are the bodies, the protagonists of the book: “masculine, feminine, singular or plural” and restless, who do not recognize themselves in the prescribed and conventional sexual categories, they do not know in which form to exist and, for this reason, they feel strangers.

With subtle irony, Margherita Ingoglia retraces a historical and contemporary feminine sentiment, forced to come to terms with a millennial genesis that saw her as the antagonist of a masculine that altered her image and morphology as a free woman, preventing her from to be.

“I am” is in fact the voice that permeates the entire poetic text, first and singular, of a time however conjugated not only to the present; the echo of the I am – as an imperative of existence – branches out in the entire poetic collection, baptized by the preface of the Bolognese writer and translator, Ariase Barretta and of the Catania writer and scholar, Marinella Fiume.

The “disturbing” voices, as the title of the work suggests, inclined to ‘bad grace’ are the voices of women who over time have been able to rebel against certain barbaric, violent and archaic diktats, however one cannot help wondering how freedom without chains conquered by women by force is a concrete reality: are women truly free or are they still affected by certain patriarchal and immoral chains, linked to tradition and honour? Margherita Ingoglia lives in Palermo, where she teaches in upper secondary schools. She is a journalist and has published two collections of poems: Aldebaran (2006) and… and the body was outrage! (2013). .