Bombardiers in Siracusa: “The Constitution protects the right to strike”

The secretary general of the Uil, Pierpaolo Bombardieri, expressed hope that there is still democratic space in Italy to say “we do not agree” as provided for in the Constitution. He questioned the controversy around the usefulness of strikes, emphasizing the importance of the democratic right to express disagreement. Bombardieri led a protest in Siracusa, calling attention to the struggles of many in the country, including those who suffer, cannot make ends meet, or are forced to emigrate. He stressed the importance of public demonstration as a tool of democracy for representing diverse viewpoints. Regarding the absence of Cisl in the protest, Bombardieri emphasized the pluralism of unions in Italy and the need to respect different choices while still honoring the workers participating in the protest.

Bombardieri a Siracusa: «La Costituzione tutela il diritto allo sciopero»

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