Bolted to death in appreciation of a girl

The young immigrant, probably originally from North Africa, found dead this morning by the carabinieri in the Alcerito district, in the area of ​​the “La Dolce Vita” disco at Vittoria (Rg), was allegedly killed during an altercation on New Year’s Eve.

Some Romanian boys, who had attended a New Year’s party, would have beaten him to death with bars and a switchblade.

At the origin of the aggression there would be the appreciations addressed by the victim to a girl in the group.

The young man had no documents with him and has not yet been identified.

The carabinieri were warned by some of the party participants. The investigations are conducted by the Carabinieri Operational Unit of Vittoria and the Ragusa Investigation Unit and are coordinated by the deputy prosecutor Silvia Giarrizzo, who went to the scene of the crime.