Boat laden with migrants overturned, 9 bodies recovered: open inquiry


Tragedy in the night on Lampedusa. A small boat loaded with 50 migrants was wrecked about six miles from the coast: in the stretch of sea between the largest of the Pelagie islands and Lampione. The Coast Guard and the Guardia di Finanza recovered 9 bodies: after the bodies of the two women found in the immediacy of the rescue, another 7 bodies were recovered by the patrol boats after they had been sighted in a helicopter engaged in research.

The military managed to rescue 22 people, the others would be missing at the moment. According to a first reconstruction, when the patrol boats arrived and began to proceed with the transfer, the migrants all got married on one side and turned the boat upside down. The rough sea has made everything more difficult, the tragedy has been consummated in a few minutes.

Among the missing there are also eight children. The survivors would be mostly Tunisians and sub-Saharan Africans. In detail, the bodies of the two women were landed on the Favaloro pier at 4:30 am by a patrol boat from the Harbor Master's Office. At 4.55 am two other patrol boats of the Financial Police returned to port with the 22 survivors.

The search for missing persons with the use of Coast Guard naval units and a Guardia di Finanza patrol boat are underway. The bodies of the victims of the shipwreck would be at least 50 meters deep. This is what theAdnkronos by rescuers who have been trying to recover the bodies for hours. There were at least 50 people on the shipwrecked boat. The investigators do not exclude the possibility of bringing in specialized divers who can reach that depth for the recovery of bodies.

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The Agrigento prosecutor has opened an investigation. The file is, at the moment, against unknown persons. Chief prosecutor Luigi Patronaggio has sent Lampedusa a substitute who will closely follow the evolution of the situation. At the moment there are two bodies found and two others identified.

"We cannot continue to witness this tragedy and these dead that have no meaning. We need to take immediate steps to seek or have them arrive regularly or otherwise take them away from the criminals who bring people and who, with bad weather, make them die "- said the mayor of Lampedusa and Linosa Totò Martello -. "Enough massacres of the sea. Just collect dead bodies that float. We cannot continue to witness the landing of the bodies of poor people who are pursuing the dream of improving their lives. Politics must act ". For Martello "the institutions must immediately set up a working table capable of tackling immigration policy by establishing a serious and operational plan". "On 3 October last, with the Italian schools we commemorated the day of remembrance and remembrance in the name of the massacre of 3 October 2013 when 368 confirmed migrants died in the shipwreck in front of Lampedusa – he says -. Not even 4 days later other people die on the journey between Africa and Europe. And Lampedusa is always at the center of these tragedies. Politics cannot continue to count the dead ”.

"The chronicle returns to give us other deaths in Lampedusa, sons of goodwill, the reopening of the ports, the renewed enthusiasm of the smugglers". He said so
Matteo Salvini, leader of the League in a video on Facebook. "If in a month – he added – landings have tripled, if there is a government that suggests that there is room for everyone, that there is citizenship and ius soli for all, it is clear that the message is devastating in the internet age. Who do these people cry? Who allowed them to resume traffic ", he concluded.

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