"Blutec, precarious and Almaviva Subito a Council of Ministers"


PALERMO – The government crisis risks having serious repercussions also on the Sicilian world of work. The Council of Ministers should have approved the extension to 31 December of the extraordinary redundancy fund for 670 Blutec workers, who since July have been deprived of any social protection. The commitment was made with the unions just a few weeks but now the relative measure is blocked. And so is the provision to give the go-ahead, free of further burdens for the public purse, to the stabilization of the 1,200 precarious workers of the Sicilian municipalities in disarray. "The fate of the workers – says the general secretary of the CGIL Sicilia, Alfio Mannino – cannot be held hostage by the dynamics and games of politics. We are asking for an extraordinary Council of Ministers – underlines – that gives free rein to these measures ".

The secretary of the CGIL Sicilia notes that "…

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