Blutec, Coime, Almaviva and the others In five thousand with bated breath

PALERMO – Sicily is

increasingly poorer, among the less competitive regions of Europe, lacks investment and does not make the best use of the resources at its disposal

: The latest figures released by Svimez are reflected in every sector, and are inexorably reflected in the living conditions of workers. Starting from the territory of Palermo, where the historical disputes without a solution are added to the most recent ones. The most affected sector remains construction, in all its facets, but there are also the social and the ‘usual known’ such as Almaviva, Blutec and professional training. And the numbers are those of the great crises: these are over five thousand families with bated breath.

Coime, the diatribe on contractual increases. Agitated waters between the Municipality of Palermo and the Coime, whose …

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