Blue Flags 2021: 10 sea excellences on the island but none in Catania – L’Urlo

10 excellences in Sicily but not in Catania: this is the picture that emerges following the assignment of the Blue Flags 2021, the recognition of the Foundation for Environmental Education (Fee).

There are 416 Italian beaches that comply with the 32 sustainability criteria -from water quality to separate waste collection- and which qualify as excellent.

The ranking

In first place is Liguria with its 32 flags, followed by Campania (19) and Tuscany which instead recorded the loss of 3 flags reaching 17 and sharing the podium with Puglia.

A new entry for Le Marche with 16 flags while Calabria registers two new entries and an exit with 15 locations. A point below, however, Sardinia with 14 flags.

Good for Abruzzo with 3 new entries (13) and Lazio with 11 new locations. The situation in Trentino Alto Adige remains unchanged.

Two new entries for Sicily

Sicily scores 10 blue flags thanks to the entry of two nine locations: Roccalumera and Marina di Modica. Confirmed, however, Alì Terme, Lido Fiori Bertolino in Menfi, Marina di Ragusa, Raganzino in Pozzallo, Lampare Beach in Tusa, Ciriga (I stretch) in Ispica, Lungomare Santa Teresa di Riva in Santa Teresa di Riva and Acquacalda in Lipari.

No recognition, however, for Catania which once again confirms itself as a little “seaside town”.