Blitz against squatters in Stromboli, 13 demolition orders and 7 license revocations

After the disastrous fire for Rai’s “fiction”, the two water bombs, the continuous eruptions, the tsunami, now illegal building is also breaking out.
The investigation started along the many streams (about 12) scattered around the island which even recently were affected by rivers of mud flowing down the mountain now stripped of trees and vegetation, which damaged shops, restaurants, bars, hotels and even villas.
Along these streams in recent years everything and more has been built illegally and also with building permits issued by the Municipality of Lipari.
Following investigations by the head of the municipal area Claudio Beninati with technicians, municipal police and carabinieri in tow, repressive measures were taken on all the torrents.
In practice, 13 demolition orders have been signed, some of which have already been issued, and seven revocations of building permits issued in regularization and other building permits have also been reported and are being examined by the Town Planning Office for possible revocations. The criticisms of Salvatore Cocina, head of the Civil Protection department during his continuous reconnaissance on the island, had also been registered on the buildings that sprung up like mushrooms along the streams.
The mayor Riccardo Gullo specified that several of these buildings date back before the law on the absolute non-building restriction that concerned the Aeolian Islands, other houses instead sprang up after and still others also have a historical value.

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