Blitz against illegal betting in Paternò: seizures and fines of 550 thousand euros

Officials of the Excise, Customs and Monopoly Agency of Palermo have seized 10 personal computers used for illegal gaming activities. The intervention, reported by the Adm – Central Games Directorate, aimed at verifying the regularity of the bets placed within a Paternò Data Processing Center, made it possible to find a real betting agency, without the Adm’s concession and the authorization from the police headquarters, with the availability of two personal computers for use by the manager who carried out the unauthorized sports bets through a foreign website.

During the verification, a further 10 PCs were found, turned on and functioning, used for online casino games, which did not meet the characteristics of the devices authorized by the Adm and therefore subjected to administrative seizure. Fines of 550,000 euros were applied to the venue manager, who was reported to the judicial authority, which could be reduced to 110,000 euros if paid within sixty days, in addition to the recovery of the tax evaded on bets which will be ascertained later by the Adm office competent for the territory.

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