Bitter derby for Fortitudo Agrigento: defeat in Trapani


"Chews" bitter, the PalaConad derby goes to Trapani by coach Parente.

Fortitudo Agrigento led, for a good part, the match but in the end I am
it was the hosts who overcame cunning and cynicism. At the end of the
game, win the grenade 63 – 56.

game, it is the Fortitudo Agrigento to start better, flash of Ambrosin and De
Nicolao and the biancazzurri try to lead the match. Trapani is not up to
look, the baskets of Mollura and Palermo are needed to bring the
game. The first quarter closes by Agrigento: 14 – 15.

It's a
second quarter made of important plays, the first is that of Giovanni
Veronesi. The newly arrived at Agrigento breaks Trapani's rhythm with one
triple. At home the Mollura grenade suffers a foul, it is two out of two from the line
Easley shows his muscles and serves Chiarastella well, basket for Agrigento. THE
biancazzurri still find an inspired Giovanni Veronesi: 22-28. The team of
coach Cagnardi raises the wall and also takes away the second quarter: 27-32.

third quarter loses the ball De Nicolao, Palermo recovers it and serves Corbett:
basket. James tries the triple but unbalanced finds the iron, recovers
Spizzichini assists for Renzi: basket. Coach Cagnardi calls minute of
Suspension. Trapani builds the advantage, Renzi shoots a triple and not
wrong: +1 of the hosts. In the worst moment of Agrigento, coach Cagnardi
finds a super Pepe: triple and against blue-white overtaking. De Nicolao
suggests for Easley, basket. Fortitudo returns to the command of the match. TO
giving the advantage to Trapani is still Renzi, basket plus foul: advantage.
Ambrosin suffers a foul from the line and is two out of two. The third quarter is still won by Agrigento:
45 to 47.

The last one
fourth opens with the baskets of Trapani, Agrigento returns to the points and does it with
the strength of Giovanni De Nicolao. Trapani takes the field and takes the lead. To
shortening the distances, for Agrigento, Easley thinks about assist by
Chiarastella. Simone Pepe is fouled by two out of two from the line. Game
balanced to the last, Corbett is fouled by Ambrosin from the line
one out of two. Trapani returns to the lead and in the end wins a game more than ever

2B Control Trapani:Lamarshall
Corbett 21 (4/7, 1/4), Marco Mollura 16 (6/9, 0/0), Andrea Renzi 14 (2/6, 2/4),
Matteo Palermo 7 (2/2, 0/2), Gabriele Spizzichini 3 (0/2, 0/1), Kenneth Goins 2
(1/6, 0/0), Federico Bonacini 0 (0/1, 0/1), Curtis chinonso Nwohuocha 0 (0/3,
0/0), Luciano Tartamella 0 (0/0, 0/0), Alessandro Ceparano 0 (0/0, 0/0), Tommy
Pianegonda 0 (0/0, 0/0), Marko Dosen 0 Fortitudo
: Lorenzo Ambrosin 13 (4/6, 1/7), Tony Easley 9 (4/8, 0/1), Simone
Pepe 9 (2/2, 1/5), Albano Chiarastella 9 (4/8, 0/1), Giovanni De nicolao 7
(3/6, 0/1), Giovanni Veronesi 6 (0/0, 2/3), Christian James 3 (1/5, 0/3),
Samuele Moretti 0 (0/0, 0/0), Paolo Rotondo 0 (0/0, 0/0), Giuseppe Cuffaro 0
(0/0, 0/0), Alessandro Moricca 0 (0/0, 0/0), Umberto Indelicato 0 (0/0, 0/0)

partial: (14-15, 13-17, 18-15,

Referees: Andrea Masi of Florence; William
Raimondo di Scicli; Andrea Longobucco of Ciampino

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