Birthday with unauthorized fireworks display in a beach, the manager reported

Editorial Staff 05 September 2021 12:06

Councilor Musolino, with responsibility for Productive Activities and the Municipal Police announces that last night as part of an inter-force service, the Commercial Police Section of the Municipal Police Corps surprised, in fragrance, a subject to whom it had been commissioned a fireworks display at a seaside resort to celebrate a birthday. The assessment made it possible to verify that the activity that he was about to carry out, in addition to being in contrast with the trade union ordinance that prohibits the lighting and exploding of fires on the beach, was also illegal because some of the batteries lit they were classified in type F3, for which a firearms license and a license from the Police Headquarters are required, authorizations that the arrested person did not have. For this reason, the transgressor was recorded and the report to the judicial authority for the criminal violation referred to in Article 55 and 57 of the Tulps was also triggered. Furthermore, yesterday afternoon, three other ordinances were notified to the respective managers of bathing establishments with which musical entertainment activities were prohibited. The measures were issued following previously ascertained violations, again by the Commercial Police of the Municipal Police, as the owners of the structures not only had not requested the specific authorization for musical entertainment, but were not provided with the necessary clearance. for the acoustic impact and the calibration of the systems that disturbed the quiet as repeatedly complained by local residents. Therefore, the measures issued by the Business Service Department of the Municipality of Messina rise to eight, and the results are evident, not only for the reduction of reports and complaints made to 112/113 and 771000 of the local Police, but also because many managers of structures have been activated as a result of the checks to have the musical equipment calibrated and legalized, in order to limit the acoustic admission within the limits allowed by the acoustic zoning plan of the Municipality of Messina. Finally, on Friday night, again in the context of a joint inter-force service, the premises of the historic center were also checked and against one of these the violation of “the obligation to disband” introduced by the trade union ordinance of the 2019 which prohibits the sale of beverages in glass containers, also contesting the violation of the ban on gathering. In addition to the pecuniary administrative sanctions, the ancillary sanction of the suspension of the activity for one day was also imposed on the premises. “The municipal administration expresses great appreciation for the activity that the Commercial Police Section also carries out in the field of inter-agency services with qualified competence and professionalism, which now characterizes the services of the Municipal Police of Messina, making it an essential component also in inter-agency services for the specific contribution that is guaranteed in the commercial sector “, declares Councilor Musolino.

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