Bill of 83 thousand euros, an entrepreneur from Marsala ends up in hospital due to illness: “I’ll close in October”

The efforts to keep the accounts in order, the investments to relaunch the business, the commitment to guarantee the salaries of the employees. Then, however, a bill arrives that threatens to frustrate years of sacrifices, which cancels the work of a lifetime, which would cut the legs of even the most shrewd and far-sighted entrepreneur. Davide Bellitteri still finds it hard to believe those seven figures: 83,318.08. This is the amount he should pay by 6 October for a month of electricity supply.

After reading the amount of the bill, the Marsala entrepreneur, owner of Villa Carlo Resort, fell ill. A physiological consequence, aggravated by the rush to the emergency room. “I no longer saw anything – he says -. I had never experienced such a sensation. I thank the doctors of the Paolo Borsellino hospital who assisted me and in particular Doctor Schifano who gave me drops and kept me in hospital for six hours. observation”.

The entrepreneur is better now. But the bill is still there, on his table. What to do? It certainly cannot be ignored. The only way forward, at the moment, is to give a mandate to the lawyers to deal with the situation, to be able to give an explanation to that invoice. And this is what Bellitteri did, after recovering his clarity and overcoming the initial impact with those mind-boggling numbers.

The previous bill had already been a wake-up call: over 8,800 euros, a very high sum that had worried the entrepreneur. The latest bill, however, exceeded all expectations. More than 83 thousand euros, which added to the previous amount, make over 92 thousand euros for two months of consumption. An unsustainable account, especially for those who have a family business: “You can’t charge a business like this – comments Davide Bellitteri -, such a figure is unthinkable. From October 1st we will close. In winter with heating for we would be unsustainable to continue. What are we working for? It will be very hard months for everyone, entrepreneurs and employees, I imagine even the thirteenth will be at risk if immediate measures are not taken “.

That of the Marsala entrepreneur is an extreme case, but it is the symbolic photograph of a system that risks collapse. In recent days in Palermo, a pub on Via Maqueda announced the temporary closure after receiving a bill of over 30 thousand euros. A few days earlier, the well-known Quartararo bakery had also suggested the same choice.

Meanwhile, the shops of Sicily are preparing for the lockout. After the initiative of the extinguished signs, organized by Confcommercio Sicilia and Fipe with the participation of thousands of businesses, the president of Confcommercio, Gianluca Manenti, is organizing a meeting with Confindustria to create a united front against the indiscriminate increase in the prices of ‘power. “The alternative to expensive bills is closure – said Manenti -. We will wait another two days, we will also meet Confindustria, then we will make sensational protest actions, up to the general lockout of the shops”.

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